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Safety Checks

Gas Safety & Carbon Monoxide Testing

Blind Cord Safety Checks

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Updated Victorian regulations from March 2021

Compliance obligations are a common theme in Australian States. Victoria is now catching up with Regulations mandated from March 2021 inclusively, all Rental Property must be compliant

The Residential Tenancies Act and Residential Tenancies Regulations changes mandate annual Smoke Detector checks and every two year

Electrical & Gas Safety Checks

As per RTA legislation - Compliance Certification must be in place when:

• A new Renter begins a new Rental Agreement or

• When a Renter’s Fixed Term Agreement rolls over to a periodical Agreement or

• When a Rental Agreement is renewed


Smoke Alarm Safety Compliance Management

Amendments to the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) now require mandatory SMOKE ALARM safety checks in rental properties every year.

Each year our trained technicians check and maintain all Smoke Alarms in each Rental Property to ensure it is operating correctly and remains compliant

To ensure Property Managers and Rental providers obligations in maintaining compliance are met our technicians perform the following duties with each annual check:

*Changing Batteries

*Cleaning apparatus

*Initiating & measuring sound alert

*Checking appropriate number of Smoke Alarms for the dwelling

*Measuring location of each Smoke Alarm

Electrical Safety Service & Compliance

Amendments to the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) now require mandatory ELECTRICAL safety checks in rental properties every second year.

This means that by law the following is tested:

Extensive RCD testing

All appliance testing including rangehoods, all power points, AC units

Including Electrical circuit testing

Gas Appliance Safety Service & Compliance And Carbon Monoxide Testing

Amendments to the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) now require mandatory GAS safety checks and CARBON MONOXIDE testing in rental properties every second year.

By law gas heaters, stove tops and hot water services among other appliances will require regular maintenance to avoid potential danger. Pls note that death from carbon monoxide poisoning is real and is a silent killer. The mandated laws for Safety Checks works to avoid harm to occupants of Rental property.

Blind Cord Safety Check

Safety & compliance check of all blinds, window coverings chords & fittings to ensure they meet current legislation. This service includes a digital record & photos of chords & fittings compliance.

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